About Us


Once upon a time… KeilanaDezignz LLC was founded by Keilana in 2018. Her artist and fashion journey began as a kid, where playing with paints and clothes was an every day event. While in high school, she would explore more of her artistic style, while creating clothes for fun and asking her friends to wear them. This lead her to become an intern for Yolanda Voss, - “designer and fashion entrepreneur, who combines her talents to teach you the complete fashion picture. Founder of both her own studio International - a center for self-improvement, fashion designing - wardrobe and color, modeling and finishing - and her Haute Couture International. She is also a quest lecturer for many colleges, clubs and organizations on Image and Style for Success. Originally from Quito, Ecuador, Yolanda introduces a strong sense of the dramatic and international flair to every-day fashion. Since coming to the United States.” She was a HUGE inspiration to Keilana! After high school, Keilana went to study at the Art Institute of Washington, D.C. for fashion and business management, though she acquired more knowledge and hands-on experience outside of college. Going to her 1st fashion show at 17yrs old to creating paintings and one off clothes, Keilana had dreams of some day owning her own art and fashion shop. She had found a creative outlet that not only was expressive and fulfilling to her, but one that had been proven to connect, empower and bring people together. Currently, Keilana is building upon her design skills, experimenting with mixing fashion and art, and growing her brand’s community at the same time.

Evolutionary Art: Creating art and fashion that not only shifts the viewer’s perspective, but also creates an experience and movement. We believe that art and fashion should transform and transcend. 

Brand Environmental Awareness: To make sure that you get the experience of a high-end street fashion, our clothes are made to order and RTW by Keilana, with quality materials and consciously selected fabrics. By sustainably managing our inventory with 1:1 collections and upcycled (re-worked) clothing, we reduce waste and excess inventory, while helping the Earth. Our packages are compostable (they turn into soil) and we also include a gift that can grow into flowers and a tree. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and join KeilanaDezignz in helping our ecosystem!
 Inclusively Embracing All: Come as you are. Welcoming and appreciating people from all walks of life means a lot to us. We value and promote inclusivity, body positivity and uniqueness.


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